part of my friday

Attention! I’m in the mood to write in English. Yeah, I think, write and read better English than I speak it. So it is no excuse for a good English now, anyway. So, nobody is perfekt and besides: English isn’t my mother language. So sorry for all mistakes.

I thought about my last entry. After I read it, I really wanted to delete it. But then I thought that was a part of me and this part of me must hae the chance to express. So there we go. Today I wanna show some expression of yesterday. I’m in a photograph-mood at the moment. So enjoy it.

At 8.45am I was leaving my flat.

That are the mail boxes of the house. Mine is almost always empty. Unfortunately. No fan post (;

Then I have to wait for my tram or street car or whatever. „Straßenbahn eben.“

The ride take approximately 20min, I never look on my watch. Because I read or listen to music or something.

Yesterday was a cat on my way. Do you know that I don’t like cats?

I walk another 10 minutes.

And then I’m there.

And then I work until 5pm. The reader were really in a good mood yesterday. It was fun to work.

I arrived at the central station at 5.30pm. And my train don’t drive until 6.12pm. So I have to wait.

While I’m sitting on the train, I’m always reading. This time „The Time Traveler’s Wife“ by Audrey Niffenegger. How you may see: in English (:

At 8.14pm I was home (there is at the moment a construction on my way, so it took a little longer than usual) and my mom pick me up.
And then I was home. Home sweet home.
Have a nice day (:


2 Kommentare zu “part of my friday

  1. do i have to wirte in english too? its not my language… but i love to try it!

    i also want to delete entries sometimes… but as you say! its a part of me!

    do you like „the time traveler’s wife“? i don’t like the ending…

    if i had your address, i would send you some fanpost! really!

    • Oh I’m glad that you wrote in English :)
      Yeah I like „the time traveler’s wife“, I also read it in German. I don’t like the movie. The end of the book is sad, I cried all over the time ^^
      fanpost, yeha :D Maybe you wrote me on facebook or sth, I can also write you fanpost :D

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